Leather for every Weather

A leather jacket is your best friend when it comes to having a well styled and practical wardrobe. It’s sleek, chic and can be worn throughout the week. (sorry for the bad rhyming). But really, it’s a piece that can be worn in every season, and yes even on those cooler summer nights ahead, or just as a statement piece over your shoulders. Good news is that, contrary to popular belief you DON’T have to spend your whole paycheck on a leather jacket. Over the years, so many retailers have come out with trendy and affordable options whether its color, design or pattern.

Head down below to see our picks and let us know what catches your eye!


THE BAY – TOPSHOP: Rosa Faux Leather Moto Jacket $115.00

This is the basic yet the most classic style that majority of people like. The zipped cuffs and front with the ribbed detailing are what make this style stand out. The details give it a distressed look making it look less stiff.


H&M: Biker Jacket $69.99

The diagonal zip is a perfect addition to the regular biker jacket, which adds a bit of an edge when its zipped up. The jacket looks super cool when paired together with some straight legged pants. The cut of this jacket is also what makes it very feminine so it accentuates ever body type.


FOREVER 21: Plush-Trim Faux Leather Moto Vest $59.90

This next piece is edgier, sassy and literally a game changer! It can be worn with turtle necks or even a laced-cami for that sexy outfit detail. This will add a elongating silhouette to your outfit giving you that extra hint of chic.



As much as black is what we are used to seeing in a leather jacket, other colours can sometimes add versatility and uniqueness to our style quotient. A brown leather jacket is a little less serious and can be a transitional piece in your closet.


TORRID: Pink Floral Embroidered Moto Jacket $96.67

YES YES AND YES. This is a perfect piece that should be in every gal’s closet who loves to experiment and is a true fan of statement pieces. This is a head turner for sure, and you can totally expect to get a lot of queries on it. The floral details soften the leather look making It extremely feminine.