Purses to Cure all Curses

Fashion week has inspired us to look beyond clothes and shift our focus on something even more exciting and fun…HANDBAGS. By now we all have that one favorite bag that we end up carrying everywhere but can’t seem to find anything in it. So, this week we are here to help you make some radical decisions about having a clutter free bag and still be fashionable to work, school or just running errands. We gotcha! Coming up is a list of some practical yet stylish bags that are sure to make you happy and keep you organized.

THE 9 TO 5

For the gal that’s on her toes from morning to evening, you need something that weighs less but does the job. You need something that doesn’t strain any more neck muscles than your boss already does 😉 Look for a tote style bag with medium-length straps, we found great options.

hudsons BAY: SFW classic Snap-Top Leather Tote $139
Easy to clean with compartments to help you stay organized
H&M Reversible Shopper $29.99
Available in 5 different colours


A cross body is an essential for woman. Whether you are a mom on the go or a student, a crossbody bag always saves the day! You want the bag to be classy, versatile and most importantly easy to wear. The biggest benefit is that they help distribute the weight evenly across your body.

DKNY Sullivan Flap Crossbody Bag $198.00


URBAN PLANET Faux-Leather Mini Envelope Crossbody Bag $14.99


Now this is a very controversial trend but literally the easiest way to dress down and still look chic especially in this cold weather. You can throw on a long teddy coat and just wear a waist pack to add a hint of chic to your whole look. They are perfect when you are shopping or simply going to brunch.

ARITZIA Leather Snap Belt Bag $98
FOREVER 21 Zippered Fanny Pack $22.90


The backpack is not only trending right now but it can also make your life easier. We found pieces that will look sophisticated so you don’t get the horrible flash backs of being back in high school. It’s one of the most practical trends where you can easily fit everything you will need for the day or perhaps the night too.

ARDENE Faux Leather Backpack $14.90
ALDO Craspedia $ 31.98

Remember to keep the runway trends practical because as we all know, not everything we see in fashion shows can be worn in our daily lives. The list is a guide to show you the latest handbags while keeping budget, use and practicality in mind. Happy Shopping!