Ring In Spring – Home Decor

We are thinking spring or… should we say we have only been thinking spring and we know you feel the same. This season is all about decluttering your mind and space all thanks to Marie Kondo! Her approach has caused people to declutter and start spring cleaning, even before spring springs. This week, we’re talking about how to make your house look trendy with all things spring. Keep reading to find out our fave home decor picks from Kingsway.


Pastels can make any area appear larger and more spacious by attracting light and shine into your room. They can add hints or serenity and style with a touch of sophistication. Take a look at our list and you just might find yourself changing your whole outlook as well as your colour palette.

TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT | THE BAY: Distinctly Home Henrik Chair $35.99, H&M: Tasselled Cushion Cover $19.99, H&M: Embroidered Cushion cover $29.99, H&M: velvet cushion cover: $19.99, THE BAY: Distinctly Home Rug $59, HOMESENSE: throw $49.99 and up. Bench $149.99 and up, H&M: Crinkled Cotton Throw $59.99, HOMESENSE: Pendant Lights $24.99


White adds a touch of clean and class to any room, but without the apt styling and aesthetic it can tend to look boring and un-appealing. With the right products and décor you can have that minimalistic, boho coastal vibe to make an all-white room eye envy for all your guests.

TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT | HOMESENSE: Set of four cups with stand $7.99, HOMESENSE: Picture Frame: $9.99, H&M: washed cotton Duvet Set $69.99, H&M: Tall Stoneware Vase $29.99, THE BAY: Home details Embossed Round Wall Clock $249.99, QE HOME QUILTS ETC: Mongolian Lamb Faux Fur Throw $ 49.99


Tropical leaves décor is an obvious idea for spring but adding a twist on this trend can really uptake your design game instantly. Whether it is having one leaf in a pink vase, a pillow case, or a wallpaper, this bold design can rapidly transform your whole room. Adding a hint of greenery in any corner can brighten up the entire room. It’s the perfect bohemian touch.

TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT | H&M: Patterned Cushion Cover $14.99, HOMESENSE: Palm Print Chairs $179, HOMESENSE: Melamine Dinner Plates $4.99, GLASS EARTH INC:  Various Plants

Glass Earth is a boutique plant store that specially sources indoor plants, terrariums and handcrafted goods. They offer a variety of workshops where you can have a beautiful creation of your own. You can also book a private workshop to make tropical plants, succulents, airplants, moss, soil or terrariums.

            Happy Spring Cleaning and we hope that this post helps you with refresh your decor. Make sure to stop by at the mentioned retailers and tag @KingswayMall on Instagram to share your finds!